Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes for all levels at Ananda Centre in Slane
Mondays Evenings at 7.30 PM – 8.45PM
Tuesdays Mornings at 9.45 AM – 11AM

Please let me know if you are interested.

General level of fitness required.

6 week course – €70

Full-time Student/Unemployed – concession available.

photo (1)


Learn muscle stability/strength and relaxation. The foundations for a balanced, healthier you
and lifestyle.
Yoga is a bringing together of the mind, body and spirit into total harmony with itself and all
around it. It is not just physical (asanas) but also a quietening of the mind (meditation) and a
feeling of one’s place in the bigger world.
Yoga Therapy one to one
Using Yoga as a therapy to compliment modern medicine. Focusing and developing not only on
the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of why people do not feel well
while giving them the tools to improve their own wellbeing.

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