Do you have lower back pain?

Relieve lower back pain with Yoga…

Low back pain is a general term given to cover the pain or discomfort experienced as a result of various medical conditions such as accident trauma, disc problems, osteo-arthritis, scoliosis, sports injuries, sacroiliac problems, osteoporosis and rheumatism.

Benefits of yoga

Some people suffer lower back pain as a result of an accident but for most of us it is caused by poor attention to posture, habits of use, stress and neglect. The good news is, that with regular practice of yoga, you can obtain the following results:

  • Strong muscles to support the natural curves of the spine
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased flexibility and self-awareness of individual needs
  • Good posture leading to healthier spinal discs
  • Good alignment of the spine, hips and pelvis leading to more comfort, confidence and poise
  • Skills to manage acute and chronic pain
  • Skills to manage stress and anxiety
  • Improved general health through the holistic or balanced approach of yoga that works on the individual at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
Some tips offered by Yoga Therapy Ireland therapists
  • Consult your doctor first to get an accurate diagnosis of your problem. This will help both you and your teacher to adapt yoga practices to meet your needs
  • If your back is very unstable, one to one yoga sessions are advisable, preferably with a qualified or experienced yoga therapist
  • Regular practice of yoga is necessary to obtain results
  • Before enrolling in a general class check with your teacher if it is suitable for your condition
Open to all

Yoga therapists compliment and support conventional medical treatment of Low Back Pain (LBP). Yoga caters for a wide range of individual needs. One to one classes fine tune yoga practices to meet the needs of those suffering chronic pain or physical disabilities regardless of age or fitness. General yoga classes endeavour, over a period of time, to help the individual gain sufficient awareness and fitness to prevent or manage LBP.

6 Weeks to Better Back Health starts at Ananda Centre on Thursday September 4th at 7.30pm €70

Please contact Brenda 085 1502378 for more info and to sign up.

Information provided by Yoga Therapy Ireland (YTI):

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