Evelyn explains what Bio-Energy is….

Recently my mum, Evelyn, got her qualification in Bio-Energy Therapy. She is such a wonderful inspiration and a great woman. She never lets anything stop her and she is a blessed healer too.
I’ve asked her to briefly explain what the therapy is…
What is bio-energy healing and how does it work?
Bio-Energy healing works on treating blockages in the energy system which appear to be the cause of symptoms of ill-health, dis-ease, emotional issues etc.
Bio-Energy uses life sustaining universal energy sometimes called Prana, Chi, life force energy, electromagnetic field etc, to balance the body energy thus stimulating the immune system allowing the body to heal.
Benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy:
boosts immune function
helps to aliviate pain
aids in tissue regeneration
increases blood circulation
physically balances the electromagnetic field in and around the body
Bio-Energy sessions last approximately 20 to 50 minutes per session.
It is safe, non-invasive, painless, and patient friendly.
Contact Evelyn on 086 8727472 for an appointment.